Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Something Blue

Hello World,
Today is not only my blogging day, but also the first of the month!  Do you know why I love the first of the month?  Well it's because it's pay day lol and also the day we pay all of our bills.  I know what you're thinking ugh bills they are horrible.  Bills for me are the exact opposite, I love seeing how God provides for our every need.  I love that every month I get to see the blessings that He gives us, it's just such a cool thing and I am ever grateful that we can pay our bills, have enough for food, and also a little fun money.  God is so good!  How about you?  Is there something you look forward to every month?

Something Blue by Dianne Christner is the third book in the Plain City Bridesmaids.  Here we have the strong willed Megan Weaver who is proud of her Mennonite heritage and the life that she lives. Never before had her faith been tested until two very unexpected suitors walk into her life.  For Megan this will be a time of trusting God and leaning on His understanding.

Oh the love triangle...  Don't get me wrong this was a very interesting love triangle, and Megan definitely had to make a very hard choice.  The story was full of twist and turns and of course the anxiety of who will she choose?  I just had one teeny tiny problem with this book, and I'm pretty sure the author didn't mean to imply it, but there was a section where Megan is trying very hard to ignore and rebuff Chance (a Christian, but not a Mennonite) and she has a slip of paper reminding her to not be unequally yoked.  This part bothered me, because if we are referencing that verse it's talking about Christians marrying people who are not Christians.  Not Christians outside of a certain denomination.  She truly struggled over liking Chance and because she felt it was wrong to like him I can't say that I was immersed in the book.   All in all a good book, and a very interesting look into the Mennonite world.  If you're a big fan of learning more about the Menonite's and a good romance I highly recommend this book.
*This book was given to me via netgalley for my honest opinion and I honestly gave it.

Romans 10:9 ESV
Because, if you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.

So simple :)  Nothing else is required by our Lord to be saved, no good deeds, no acts of service, just a simple statement made in your heart and said out loud.  Please dear readers don't let the world make faith in Christ too complex for you.  Remember this verse, and know that you are so loved by the One who created the heavens and the earth.

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