Saturday, October 29, 2016

The Raven

Hello World,
I am once again relaxing on my Saturday off.  It's amazing to me how one day of intentionally doing nothing puts me and my sweet little family in a good mood for the rest of the week.  For 33 years I have been constantly putting things in my life to do and to not really sit and rest.  This year, it occurred to me that I needed to do something, my job is very stressful and high demanding and I could feel myself falling apart from it.  It finally hit me that God told us to rest and was I really resting?  So the start of the school year brought a new tradition for our family, to intentionally rest and to really have a free day.  It has been wonderful, and I want to encourage everyone to do this!

On my day off I dug into the book "The Raven" (A Coffey & Hill Novel)  This is the 2nd book in the series.  Now dear readers have no worries, I didn't read the first book in the series and I didn't have any trouble with jumping into the 2nd.  The author Mike Nappa does a great job at making sure that even if you came into the book cold turkey you know the background and you don't feel like you missed much.  The Raven intertwines several character stories into one tale.  They are all closely connected to one another even if they don't know it.  Walk into the underbelly of Atlanta and see the good, the bad, and the ugly :)

I love mysteries, I love the puzzle pieces that are scattered throughout the book and in the end fit together to make a big picture.  It's probably why I enjoyed this book.  There were plenty of puzzle pieces that looked like there would in no way fit, but in the end did a great job showing the reader how all were connected.  We have Raven a magician/con-artist, Mama Bliss an owner of shop, Sam Hill former CIA agent turned officer, and Trudi Coffey a private detective and ex-wife of Sam.  It's a blend of these characters stories and going back in time make sure harm is not done to the citizens of Atlanta.  So, if you want a book that keeps you guessing and is told in multiple voices this is the book for you!

If you would like this book, please message me and I can find a way to send it to you :)  First come first serve peeps.

*Yo, this book was freely given to me so I can honestly write about it.