Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Quiet Times

Hello World,
Every morning I wake up and start my day with the Word of God, the living breathing Word.  The Bible is so full of life and unexpected surprises that it never grows old.  I have been writing about Christian romance books for so long that I forgot to let you know dear friends that this is the book that I read the most.

I had someone tell me once that they read the whole Bible once and didn't feel the need to read it again.  My heart broke when I heard this, friends, if you are a Christian please read this amazing book!  By golly, if you're not a Christian, read it too :)  Read it every day, not just a verse but dig into it.  Sink your hands into the Word of God and see what Jesus has for you.  The older I get the more I'm convinced that this will help us and guide us on our path.  It will bring us closer in a relationship with Christ, it will teach us about the guidance of the Holy Spirit and the unending love of God.

So when you wake up, plan on making your first thing you do (after that sip of coffee, of course) is have a quiet time.  Maybe even throw a prayer journal in, and then while your reading write down a verse that you'll want to remember.
I'll be praying for you dear friends, and if you need prayer from me specifically I would love to pray for you.  Go ahead and comment and I can pray for you during my quiet times.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Moms' Night Out

Hello World,
It is Saturday and for the last four days I have been dealing with a migraine.  Migraines are evil, horrible little things that suck the life out of you, make you want to throw the white flag, and say "YOU WIN, For the love of Pete please just be done!".  Thank goodness for a an awesome chiropractor, and massage therapy, I'm finally feeling somewhat normal, well... what my quirky, slightly forgetful self considers normal.

Did you know that they made a book out of the movie Moms' Night Out!!!  I may have gotten overly excited and maybe just a bit cheerful at the fact that I can get more from this movie.  Maybe it's because our sweet main character has three kids like me, or maybe because like me as well her husband travels, or the fact that like her I felt like a fake when I'm doing this whole mom thing.  But the adventure of Allyson Fields' attempt to have one night with her and her friends made me practically giddy.

Tricia Goyer does a phenomenal job at taking the screenplay and adding narrative.  The book goes deeper into the thoughts of characters and gives us a point of view that is just as funny.  This lighthearted and at time poignant book gets to the heart of it.  So all my mom friends, I hope you enjoy the book, and maybe even look at the devotional.  It made for a good laugh and a great message at the end.  You are enough sweet friends, never forget that!

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Messenger by Moonlight

Hello World
I stayed up way too late finishing this awesome read.  Thank goodness, I have a husband who daily makes me coffee and when I mean coffee, I mean, this amazing man of mine roasts his own beans, grinds them, and does a pour over, or a breve for me.  If that isn't love, then honestly people, what is love!  (please note that I'm using sarcasm).  This cup was also one of the very first gifts that Todd( i.e. my main squeeze)  gave to me when we were first dating.

I don't know if you have ever read any of Stephanie Grace Whitson's books but if this is the first time you're hearing about this incredible author I suggest you go right on over to her website, click here. This book was so rich in God's amazing grace, and the history of the pony express I really couldn't put it down until it was done.  And trust me dear friends when I say there have been plenty of books that I start reading and I had to stop or skip to the end because they are so horrible.

This book is spoken in two different voices, Annie Paxton and Frank Paxton.  Twins who have an older brother Emmet with a ma who died long ago and a Pa who has just recently passed away.  Penniless and orphaned these three siblings set out on an adventure that brings them to work for the Pony Express.

What follows is an incredible tale woven with descriptive images of what it meant to live at a station and delivering mail considered at the time *"the NASCAR of 1860".  Ms. Whitson's way with words pulled me into the story and into a life I could never live.  I love how each character she introduced made me feel like I could sit down with them and truly talk over coffee.  I loved this book, and I will most likely reread it over again and again.  So if you're wanting this book you can get it fairly cheaply on amazon for the kindle click here.  You won't regret this purchase :)

*parenthesis taken from author's note of Messenger by Moonlight

Friday, July 15, 2016

A Heart Most Certain

Hello World
So I'm on summer break :)  Which I think benefits everyone who is reading this.  Summer break gives me copious amounts of time to read and that's exactly what I did last night and today when I read this heart tugging book.  In fact here is a picture where I sat and read, comfy couch and blanket of course!

Melissa Jagears writes about a very serious issue in this book so for my mommas who have kids, please be sure to read this book before you let them read it.  A Heart Most Certain is about the impeccable Lydia King.  Lydia is a woman with a sick mother and inebriated father.  Each day leads her family closer and closer to poverty.  To the point that a good match in marriage is needed.  What seems like an innocent meeting with the very serious Nicholas Lowe  (to impress her future mother in-law) will lead Lydia on a journey of realizing that there is more to this world.

Holy Moly!  Seriously, you know when you read something that makes you think "What can I do"?  Yeah, this was that kind of book.   Lydia and Nicholas go into the red light district of their town to rescue/help prostitutes.  What initially starts as a very selfish desire becomes a calling from God.  I love a book that will make me think, that pulls on my heart strings, the giddy feeling in my tummy that says "why yes please I could read this all day while my kids cause mass chaos in my house".  This book dear friends is that book and more.  It will be available August 2, 2016 and believe it or not I just found it on Amazon so click here to pre-order this amazing book.

Also friends, if you're anything like me, when I read something I like to research it and get involved.  so I'm giving you a link to the National Human Trafficking Resource Center.  Here you can read up on how prevalent it is in the world and what we can do to stop this horrible situation.  NHTRC Website

*Yo, this arc/book was given to me for my honest opinion.  I didn't fudge on my review for any incentives or bribes :)

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Ok world, so I know it's been forever, like FOR. EV. ER!!!  But my life has taken an incredibly busy turn to where I needed to take a step back from the book blogging.  Now that everything has been balanced (going back to work full time can get crazy).  I feel that God is calling me to once again start telling you all about the awesome books that I'm reading.  It will be a short version being posted on #instagram and #facebook, but none the less I feel you'll appreciate it.  Much love to you all and I hope you enjoy  the first of many Jesus Book Girl posts.

This amazing book by#deeannegist has me cracking up every other page. There's something to be said about well written historical fiction that remains true to the period but still fun and entertaining. Fair Play is about the Chicago World's Fair and the two characters bring this amazing time in Chicago's history to life. #jesusbookgirl