Friday, August 17, 2012

The Scent of Rain

Hello World,
Today has been a day!  Our poor Liv is teething, so it's been a day where my girl is not being herself.  days like this especially teaches me to be grateful for the small things, like a great cup of coffee made by my husband, or a small little girl who wants to snuggle because her teeth hurts.  What a blessing :)  I hope you have these small blessings through out your day too.

 Daphne Sweeten has been jilted, by the man of her dreams, and her job filled before she could even blink.  The dear girl find herself in a company who works on household products.  They're in need of a nose, Daphne being one of the best is hired to save this company from ruin.  What she hadn't planned on is a complicated boss with his own troubles a co-workers who don't really seem to be working together.  Will she be able to cope with the loss of a fiance, a demanding job, and eccentric co-workers?  You will have to see in The Scent of Rain :)

The Scent of Rain was one of those small blessings through out my day.  I personally think it is Ms. Billerbeck's best work.  Her point of view was especially interesting.  Whenever I read a book, almost always I want to know what the guy is thinking?  In this book I didn't have to wonder, Ms. Billerbeck did a great job at changing voices, because of this, I was able to enjoy Daphne and Jesse.  These two shined with Jesus Christ.  Daphne was incredibly sweet and sincere, and Jesse was blunt and honest.  Great characters, great message of love, and great book.  Oh my goodness I almost forgot one important thing!  If you're wanting a book to come alive with description this is a book for you.  I found myself wanting to purchase perfume, even now I'm thinking my husband will have to be purchasing something nice for our anniversary :)  So dear readers if you're wanting to read a great book, please read  The Scent of Rain

Proverbs 16:2
2 All the ways of a man are pure in his own eyes, but the Lord weighs the spirit.

How easy it is for me to justify my actions.  I really am good at doing that, and in my own eyes I am pure in my motives.  Times like that I need to be examined; to be put forth on the scale to see if my ways are truly are pure.  Lord weigh my spirit, convict me of the sin I need to change, and then please mold me into the very image of You.

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