Saturday, September 17, 2016

This Road We Traveled

Guess what :)  It's my ten year anniversary with my handsome stud of a husband!  We have been on an amazing adventure these last ten years.  Since being married to him we have had three children, moved across the United States, lived in several homes, and have grown closer to God our Father.  It has been fun, hard, times of joy, times of complete sadness, so many emotions rolled up into these last ten years.  Really, this book that I read is the perfect book to review on this amazing day.

This Road We Traveled by Jane Kirkpatrick is the tale about a matriarch of the family named Tabitha Brown.  Already having a grand life and have had watched her children grow into adulthood and is soon watching her grandchildren as well; she carries herself with wisdom of the ages and the grace that comes with heartache.  Tabitha soon sets off on an adventure with her family that will either be her demise or a tale that will forever be told.

Did you ever play Oregon Trail as a kid.  This story reminds me of that game :)  Selling what you have to get ready for the trail and then everything unfortunate happens, but once you've made it the excitement of not dying surpasses it all.  That's how I kind of felt with this book.  It was extremely satisfying and made for a very good read.  So if you're up to reading about a families cross country trip you definitely need to read Jane Kirkpatrick's book This Road We Traveled.