Saturday, April 21, 2018

Friday, April 20, 2018


I never fully appreciated rain until I moved to Amarillo.  Now when it rains a feeling of thankfulness overflows.  Tonight I sat on our front porch while it rained down in our sweet neighborhood.  Kids came out to laugh and shout, neighbors laughed with them at we all just watched the water fall to the earth.

Thank you Father God for the rain.

Thursday, April 19, 2018


ok peeps I need to vent about something...

As I was leaving Chic Fil A (one of my favorite places for breakfast and lunch) I looked over at a family of five and the Mom and Dad were both on their cell phones.  Completely ignoring each other and their kids.

This drives me nuts, you have three amazing kids right there!  Engage with them, communicate with them!  Find out if your son likes the blue or red truck, tell your daughter how smart she is!  For Pete sakes get off your phone and spend some quality time with your kids and for goodness sake look at your significant other and see how they’re doing while you’re at it.

Get. Off. The. Phone!

Wednesday, April 18, 2018


I once was at a mom's Bible Study and they had a speaker who said I make my kids breakfast every day.  As I was sitting in the back because I arrived late (my three kids all had explosive diapers and Kylar pooped in her underwear) sleep deprived, and looking like an utter mess I thought in my head sarcastically how nice that would be.

To this day I struggle with the fact that the woman who was speaking that day had it all together.  She made cookies and froze them, she made extra casseroles and froze them just in case someone in the church needed a dinner!  She was the ultimate wife, and I was angry at her!  Why do you ask was I angry at this woman?  Let's be honest when you're a mother of three and God didn't bless you with an organizational gift or even a tiny bit of being put together, woman that have it all would make you angry too :)

I was and probably still am a complete and utter mess.  I've come to the realization though, that I'm ok with my mess.  I will never be that woman, and guess what she will never be me either :)  Mom's, are you ok with being you?  God created you beautifully you.  I hope you can understand that, I hope you don't feel despair (like I did) when you hear about another woman's gifts that God gave her.  I hope you rejoice in the things that Jesus gave you and celebrate that each woman was given a purpose for the unique situation that she is in.

Praying for you.

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

When I would read this in the past, I would gloss over it.  Why?  Because I didn’t really have a master and I definitely wasn’t enslaved (thank you Father God).  But here’s the deal friends, the more I thought about this the more I realized that I kinda am.  I have have several bosses: my superintendent, my cluster director, my fine arts director, and my principal.  Isn’t my livliehood based on making these people happy?  If I make them angry or do something really stupid I can be dismissed from my position.

Now when I look at this verse I read it with my thoughts towards my employers and I ask myself am I working with sincerity or am I being a people pleaser and just giving them eye service?  Because in the end I’m serving God.

Now here’s where the other shoe drops.

Look, at the very last sentence.
“For the wrongdoer will be paid back for the wrong he has done, and there is no partiality.”

Now that’s scary.  Be careful to my friends who are bosses or have power over people because God is just and if you take advantage of the ones under you, or mislead them it is very clear that there will be no partiality.  This is a good lesson for me too to remember, that since I teach and have God’s beloved creation under me that I serve them as Christ would.  

What do you think?  How are you going to serve today?

Monday, April 16, 2018


Colossians 2 was really interesting today.  So interesting in fact I had to reread it several times to get the gist of it.  Sometimes that’s how life works, right?  You don’t get a concept so you have to go back and relearn the concept. Ugh... that is so annoying, my mind just doesn’t work like that.  But if anything there is an importance to going back and doing that.

This is what I got in Colossians 2 that being legalistic can be just as harmful as loving everyone to the point that you allow sin to swallow them up.  That the appearance of wisdom i.e. big talk can be incredibly damaging and won’t in any shape or form help you conquer problems.  In fact!  There is no value in that.

What are you doing today?  How is Jesus Christ shaping you and drawing you closer?  I for one know that I can be high falutin’ at times and I can act like there’s a stick up my butt.  Father God change me and mold me to your likeness in every way, speaking only when the Holy Spirit moves me.  Making sure in all things I do, that it is done with the love of Christ Jesus shining through.

Saturday, April 14, 2018


This is my sister :)

Meagan is older then me by about 9 years.

When I was younger she would pick me up at school and we would go get candy and soda.  She would organize birthday surprises and take me to the newest Disney movie.  I would look at her and see this incredibly beautiful woman.  To this day I still think she is the most beautiful person who is put together.

I love how she loves on my kids, she is intentional with each one of them.  My oldest Kylar will have days where she just needs to talk to Auntie MeMe.  I absolutely love that they can relate.

Now before you think the Fiedler girls are perfect and have the best relationship there were years in our lives where for the life of us we couldn’t get along.  I would say stuff to her just to get a rise from her.  She would say stuff to me that would hurt.  Mom would constantly say to us (as adults) you have got to start treating one another as friends.

For years I would intentionally avoid talking to her because I knew it ended up with us fighting.  Everywhere around me I saw sisters seemingly loving on each other and getting along.  So I started praying for us, that I could understand where Meagan is coming from, that I would learn to think before I speak and for the love of Pete please Lord help me to not be annoying :). Slowly but surely God starting showing me where I would cross the line in our conversation and I would listen to His voice.  I would pull back from what could have been harmful for our friendship and listen more then talk.

That’s the thing with prayer, prayer will almost always change the person who is praying.  So many times we think that God will change the situation or the opposing person, but I think that it’s you who is praying that will change.  You’re insight and a peace that only comes from Jesus Christ will change to be more like His.  Prayer is extremely powerful and life changing if you haven’t ever prayed I suggest you do, but be prepared for you to change before anyone else does.