Sunday, February 18, 2018


So this is my Todd :). I know I didn't talk about love on Valentine’s Day but I thought I would broach the subject a few days after.

We’re not perfect, our fights have been epic, our tears have been real, we have enjoyed moments of pure beauty and have walked through hardships.  He’s my friend, a leader among his peers, and one of the wisest men I know.  

I remember being in college and praying to God that I needed to be content with where God had me as a single woman.  My heart hurt friends thinking that just maybe God needed me to be single for the rest of my days.  Then one day while hanging out with a friend of mine she spoke these encouraging to me, “Bre it’s ok to pray for a husband.”  My prayers changed that night to God.  I would normally gloss over my prayers not really being vulnerable with God thinking He needed to be prayed in a certain way, but that night He heard my anguish, my longing for a husband, and a relief came over me that I had never known before.   My heart opened up to a whole new relationship with Jesus Christ, and my prayers definitely became better and increased.

Friends, if you’re holding God at arms length can I encourage you to stop.  Open up to him; believe that He’s listening to you and wants to help you.  This is an amazing Father who truly desires to listen to you!  He will never abandon you or leave you, and he most definitely won’t forsake you.

So you’re probably wondering if God immediately gave me Todd :). In a way He did. It it took me awhile to realize it.  This one guy would come regularly  into the coffee shop I worked at ordering an iced coffee and then would go sit in a corner to read his Bible.  He was the opposite of me, quiet.  His eyes were the most beautiful blue, and for three years he would come in and I would serve him coffee and he would read his Bible.  I fell in love with that guy and three years after my heartfelt prayer God answered my prayer by us talking, eventually going on a date, and then marrying but that story is for another time.
Be open in your prayers dear friends and don’t forget that God loves you and wants the best for you.

“His mouth is most sweet, and he is altogether desirable. This is my beloved and this is my friend, O daughters of Jerusalem.”
‭‭The Song of Solomon‬ ‭5:16‬ ‭ESV‬‬

Friday, February 16, 2018


Guilt is an interesting thing, because it can be a two way street.  There are people in this world who don’t have it and do terrible things to mankind, and then there are some people who have it so immensely that it stops them from living the life God meant to have for them.

I read John 9 today in my quiet time and it was about this guy who was blind at birth.  You see back then someone who had an affliction was considered to have sinned.  Can you already guess the conundrum?  This man was blind at birth so was it his parents who sinned or did the guy sin within seconds of entering the world.  Neither, Jesus told his peeps; this man was here for the works of God.  Now this is a side that I would love to get into another time, but I don’t want to :). My heart right now is for talking to the Christian.   So friends, go to your Bible and read John 9 if you don’t know this story and then come back to my blog to get my wandering thoughts.

Jesus heals the man but there is this epic argument that is going on between the local pastors (I.E. Pharisees). Is the man (Jesus) from the devil or is he truly the son of God.  They are looking at a man who can now see and they themselves are blind to the miracle that Jesus Christ did for him.  Why, that’s my question.  How can something so amazing be turned into this bitter pill to swallow for them.  I don’t know if I’ll ever understand, but Jesus explained it to us.  And friends I really don’t want to upset you but here are His words John 9:39 “For judgement I came into this world, that those who do not see may see, and those who see may become blind.”  As he said these words some of the local Pharisees asked him are we blind?  What a question, and Jesus replied in John 9:41 “If you were blind you would have no guilt; but now that you say, ‘We see,’ your guilt remains.

For when you see you immediately realize that Jesus Christ is convicting you of the deeds you’ve thought or the deeds you’ve done.   Your heart is then open to seeing that Jesus Christ is the miracle giver, Lord and Savior who we all desperately need in our lives.

Jesus may we see you so our guilt remains, to be fully cleansed and forgiven by you because it is with your mercy we are a holy blameless child of God, by your act of dying on that cross and conquering death so we may live.

Thursday, February 15, 2018


Humble:  Having or showing a modest or low estimate of one’s own importance.

Let’s be honest,  I am not one to do that.  I want the world to see how great I am and to succeed in life, to make my name known across the world of musicians.  I had ideas when I was going to college to be this grand educator (just like my mom and my grandma before her). I was going to fill these forward motion ladies shoes and I was going to have to get me my own rockin’ shoes because I filled their shoes so well (at this moment my mom would say that’s a lot of “I’s”  Breanna Laine).

Then we moved.  We moved to a place where Fiedler isn’t known.  Where I was no longer part of a legacy of awesome music educators who pioneered their own music programs.  I was an unknown who had no clue what she got herself into.  No one cared about the legacy that was up north, they cared about results, and I had no results to show.  Friends I was brought low, and it was eye opening.

So when I read this verse it brings comfort to me, because it doesn’t say Jesus will abandon you when you exalt yourself, it doesn’t even say that He will shove it in your face, it says you’ll be humbled.  If out of this whole process I learn that my strength is not enough and I need to depend on Jesus Christ then I consider it a job well learned.  So humble yourself dear friends, learn from my lesson and be it forever in your head that whoever humbles himself will be exalted.

I love you and know that I pray for you readers daily.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Place Setting

So upon reading all of the important things about your why in joining Mary and Martha I’m going to tell you min.  See that picture above?  That’s my why 😂 
This place setting for a table is gorgeous and simply beautiful.  

I fell in like with the plates, bowls and cups.  I’m a fairly frugal person and Todd and I have agreed that if we want something that we have to sell something first.

So here I am friends selling a product so I can get product because it’s really a great product!  Quality and beauty graced with the powerful Word of God on it.

Go ahead friends and help this gal buy these place settings :). Click on Bre’s Mary and Martha!

Tuesday, February 13, 2018


I had totally planned on talking about a different verse, but this urging keeps saying you need to talk about this.  Ok Father God, I hear you :)

But before I do, let me preface this.  When I blog, I’m not talking to you from great intellect or years of education.  It’s just God revealing something to me that I never knew before.  It’s my time with God that I’m sharing and friends if you don’t have a time with God get your butts up and start doing it, because the truth is, it is the most intimate time and the most beautiful time you will ever have.

This verse got me today.  I’ve read over it hundreds of times but it finally hit me how Jesus foreknew how He was going to die and by whose hands He would die from.  Does that not shock you?  I can not imagine that.  Jesus knew how he was going to die and by whose hands he would die from. He then continued on loving them and giving them clear adamant warnings begging them to choose otherwise.  As I’m reading the gospel it is littered across the scripture.

This is the perfect picture of predestination.  He foreknew yet still preached and loved on them.  Their decision would lead to great suffering for Jesus yet He knew that if He made them choose otherwise, many others would suffer.  What an incredible sacrifice.  What an incredible God.

Monday, February 12, 2018


How often do you seek the Lord’s will?  Why is it as Christians this seems to be the hardest thing in the world?  In fact there was a Christian book on will that was very popular when I was in college.  Let’s be honest here friends, you don’t need that book.  You just need one book to seek God’s will and that’s the Word of God, the Bible.  How often do we ignore it to read the next book that’s on the Christian top list?  So many times we choose to ignore God’s will for us to listen to another person’s will.

Let me encourage you today to seek His will.  In this verse Jesus Christ is talking to a group of people explaining why He was sent to earth.  He was adamant that he can do nothing on His own.  His words are simple and true.  If the Savior our Christ seeks the Will of God how much should we?  So today friends, spend some time with God knowing that you can’t do anything on your own, but seek the will of the one who put you where you’re at today.

Love you, and let me promise you that God has you where you’re at for a reason.  Realize that you can do nothing on your own is the first step, and seek His will because our Father God sent you here for a purpose.

Sunday, February 11, 2018


Growing up I was a homebody, I kid you not.  My friends in high school can attest to the fact that I would have rather stayed home watching a movie with my parents then go out late into the night.  That continued even into my marriage.  My poor husband made many a trips back to my parents house so I could be home.

Now that I’m an adult and live 17 hours away I had to eventually put on my big girl pants and make my own home.  But that feeling still sneaks up on me when times of stress or hardship come upon me.  Home is a place of comfort, and complete acceptance for me.  It got me thinking about how as Christians this world really isn’t our home.  That Jesus Christ himself said in my Father’s house are many rooms and that he prepared a place for us.  What must it be like to have a room prepared by our all knowing, all loving, and all powerful Father God.  He knows us inexplicably, our room will be better then Chip and Joanna Gaines fixer uppers, it will be better then anything we could have ever imagined.  The best part of all of this is, that we will truly be home.