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A Love Surrendered

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We are very fortunate today to have Todd with us.  My amazing husband :)  The kids love having him here too.  Now Todd and I are sitting together enjoying the quiet of nap time and each other.  I know I have things to do, groceries to get, but right now I'm loving this sweet moment.

A Love Surrendered by Julie Lessman is the story of Annie Kennedy.  Annie has just recently moved to Boston after the death of both her parents.  Feeling alone and abandoned by God she throws her cares away wanting to live the free and easy life.  Steven O'Conner doesn't want sweet innocent Annie to be taken in by speakeasies, or wild friends.  Taking on the protective brother coat he wants to make sure Annie doesn't get in too deep.  Will he be able to stop her from making an unwise choice?

This book is full of high drama, romance, and emotions.  I know Ms. Lessman is extremely popular and her books always makes me curious as to what happens next.  A few of the scenes are quite steamy, and there were some moments in the book where I felt weren't scriptural.  For instance Annie had been sneaking out of her Aunt's house to go to a dance hall.  Feeling convicted she approached a spiritual mentor to ask her if she should come clean to her Aunt.  Here let me quote what follows.

Pg 158
              "Good for your soul, maybe, but not Aunt Eleanor's.  Yes, honesty is crucial in
               our walk with God, for sure, but the Bible tells us that although some things
               are lawful, not all are profitable or edify.  It's the rule of love God is so partial
               to -- let no one seek his own, it says, but that of the other.  Which means,"
               Faith said with a pointed look, "we have to weigh every word out of our mouth.
               Although what we want to say may be the truth, if it doesn't lift the person up
               encourage, or set free, more than likely we need to keep it between God and

This excerpt is Biblical up until the last sentence.  Everything Ms. Lessman says is true, and I agree that we need to lift people up, but what I don't agree with is when we should keep things from someone we lied to. I sought help from one of my pastor's at church because I wanted to make sure I wasn't taking verses out of context.  He discussed how not only is confession good so you can be healed, but also it allows forgiveness.  When you don't tell the person you've been lying to about the lie it doesn't allow healing for either of you.  When you lie it causes sin and unfortunately no matter what it's going to hurt people, but that's what sin does.  Sin is painful, but when you hide something it stops accountability and it stops you from having a closer relationship with them.  So that's why James 5:16 is written.  A person who doesn't confess sins (such as lying) will never be fully healed and can be tempted to do the same thing again.  The Bible doesn't tell us to hide the truth, because it will be more damaging then good.  With that being said, Ms. Lessman made a great fictional book full of memorable characters and lively conversation.  A book that you will read quickly.

If you're interested in knowing more about what the Bible says about lying, my church (Hillside Christian Church) just did a great series on it.  Here is the link (HillsideMessages)  click on the Camouflage picture :)

This book was given to me via Revel, a division of Baker Publishing Group for my honest opinion and I honestly gave it.
“Available October 2012 at your favorite bookseller from Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group.”

James 5:16
Confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed.  The earnest prayer of a righteous person has great power and wonderful results.

How important it is to handle our sins in such a matter.  :)  Don't ever forget what confessing your sins to others can do for your soul.

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