Saturday, October 20, 2012

The Circle Series

Hello World,
Today we are celebrating a very important day :)  The day of my husband's birth.  Yes sir Bob, my Todd is 38.  I am so blessed to have him share this amazing adventure called life.  He has made every low slightly better, every joke funnier, and just in general a fun guy to be around.  So for today we are doing something a little different with the blog.  I asked my dear sweet husband what his all time favorite book was (other then the Bible :)  And he said "By far Ted Dekker's the Circle Series".  So this blog is for you Babe :)

The Circle Series is the story of Thomas Hunter.  Thomas lives a fairly normal life until he takes a pretty big blow to his head.  Then all of a sudden he wakes up immersed in a completely different world.  What Thomas doesn't realize is how integral he will be to both worlds.  The worlds will be either saved or destroyed by his choices.

What proceeds is an intense science fiction to make any man or woman look at life a little differently.  What I appreciated about this book is the way Mr. Dekker creatively wrote a different world.  It was life like to me as I read it, the characters were not foreign, or disengaged.  I loved how he made each one real and could actually exist in a parallel world.  This book is really only appropriate for adults, it's intense, violent, and graphic.  Luckily, he wrote a circle series for children too :)  So dear readers if you're looking for a great science-fiction please read Ted Dekker's Circle Series.

Isaiah 6:8
And I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Whom shall I send, and who will go for us?” Then I said, “Here am I! Send me.”

This is Todd's favorite verse :)  Something that Todd has, is an intense urgency and love for people.  He truly wants everyone to know the love and saving grace that God offers us through the sacrifice and resurrection of Jesus Christ.  His burden is great and it truly is a part of him.  So when he read this verse a couple of years back it resonated with him.  I pray that this verse moves you too!  Is the Lord calling you to do something?  Whom shall the Lord send and who will go?  Will you be willing to say... Here am I! Send me.


  1. This is one of my favorite series too. I am so glad Todd introduced me to this series. It is a easy read and I could not put it down.