Friday, December 2, 2011

Look to the East

This time around I read a more of a somber story about World War I. Look to the East is about a small town in France. In 1914 the village of Briecourt has a century old feud between to warring families, that divides the town in half. Julitte was adopted by the Toussaint family when she was very little. Rumors have kept her apart from the village because of where she came from and her mysterious gift that allows her to see when people die. It is with this note that the German army comes to take over the small village of Briecourt. Both families must join together to survive and hide those who need to be hidden. I haven't really ever studied World War I and it was interesting to read about it. The author Maureen Lang does a great job at setting the story around this town and their struggles before and during the war. I'm kind of a history buff so reading (I hope) the facts of what happened was intriguing. Please don't feel that I take World War I lightly. War, no matter what it, is horrible, but I strongly feel that we should never ignore history, because unfortunately history can be repeated. So this leads me to say if you like a good romance with some supense and history added to it please read Look to the East. I would like to add though that this story has a happy ending to it.

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