Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Why I mainly read Christian romance

A couple of you are probably wondering why I mainly read Christian romance.  Or maybe your not, either way I'm going to tell you.  I'm namby pamby, I'm a sally who can't suck it up and take her skirt off to wear some pants.  In all honesty I really don't like sad books, or books that freak the living day lights out of me.  I feel in this world there is enough sin and horrors to last anyone a lifetime.  Books should be a pleasant escape from every day problems, they should uplift you when you're feeling down, and for me I don't want to leave a book feeling empty.  I want my cup to be overflowing with the grace of God, the love of Jesus and just possibly at the end of the book I can say I grew closer to Him because of the authors gift and ministry to those who read.  So there, that's my reason for mainly reading Christian romance :-)  and here's to many more book reviews. Side note:  to people who are searching for peace I pray that you pick a Christian book you never know what  God has in store for you.

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