Monday, April 2, 2012

Words Spoken True

Hello Monday Morning,
This morning I had my cup of coffee and I was on my way out and as I was walking past our garage door a paint chip fell into my coffee!!!  No joke, so a very nice and perfectly good cup of joe (hardly drunk) was ruined.  That's ok, because Todd my amazing husband said, just go to Palace Coffee House and get yourself something.  When I go there I get the Irish cream Breve (in house cup), it is simply wonderful and brilliant and truly you need to go there.  So, dear readers if you live in Amarillo or the area surrounding please drive to Canyon and let yourself experience a great cup of coffee and tell Patrick I said hi.

Can I just point out the beautiful cover!  Oh my goodness it's simply breathtaking.  Alright on to the story.  Our character Adriane Darcy was raised by a prominent newspaper owner.  Allowing his daughter free reign of the press, Adriane grew up with a quick wit and a sharp mind.  Growing into a beautiful lady Adriane finds herself pursued by one of Louisville's leading society members.  She has everything set for a happy marriage, but she isn't happy with the arrangement.  In walks in a straight forward thinker and competing newspaper editor Blake Garrett.  Sparks fly (yes I did say it)  as the two get to know each other.

I can not explain how amazing this book is.  It really has everything; mystery, romance, purpose, and seeking God's will.  What a great book!  Ms. Gabhart weaves a beautiful tale about a young lady who's main desire is to please her father and try to do the Lord's will.  Clearly Blake Garrett should not be in the picture, but she can't help thinking about him.  If you love a good romance with mystery and suspense you will love Words Spoken True.  Oh and I should write a little about the historical point of the book.  This is pre-civil war so there are quite a few debates on slavery, women's rights, and immigrants.  I found it extremely fascinating and being the researcher I am, I wanted to know more about this time in the United States history.  A good author will do that for me, create such an image in my mind that I'll search the web, or go to my library to check out books on that subject.  Thank you Ms. Gabhart for the book, it was truly inspiring.

Galatians 6:4 ESV
Be sure to do what you should, for then you will enjoy the personal satisfaction of having done your work well, and you won't need to compare yourself to anyone else.

I struggle the most with comparing myself with others.  Her house looks perfect, look how well dressed her kids are, or how in the world does she put herself together like that.  Why am I doing that?  Could it be that I'm not doing what God desires of me?  I think sometimes that is problem.   I laze about in the morning until I  have 15 minutes before I have to leave and then I rush about trying to put everyone and myself together.   Or another example would be letting the house get completely trashed by my three little bebs and then wondering why everyone's house looks so nice.  What a reminder for me!  To do what I should, to do my work well and then I'll have the personal satisfaction of having it done well.  No need to compare myself to anyone else then :-)

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