Wednesday, November 2, 2011

When Life is Hard

With my large amount of great library finds done, I thought I would write about a book that has really helped me out when I was struggling with some things in my life.  James MacDonald's book When Life is Hard was an incredibly helpful book.  He researched the Bible to see how we as Christians should handle difficult periods in our lives.  Taking four scriptures he breaks it down for us and takes us step by step or prayer by prayer to handle our struggle.  If you're having a rough time with anything whether finances, relationships broken, or health this is the book for you.  I'll leave you with this quote from the book.
    "I've come to see that being tested by God is very loving.  Frankly, I'd rather find out now that I don't have    the real thing than get to heaven and be surprised.  You want your faith tested.  You want to put your full weight down on the faith that you have in Christ and see if it holds up, because if your faith hasn't changed you, it hasn't saved you.  Better to find out while there is still time to get it right."  James MacDonald.

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