Friday, November 11, 2011

Lori Wick

Well today is my day to go to the library, so I'm very excited to get some more books to read.  Don't you just love reading, it's probably one of the very few hobbies that you can do for free.  With libraries as well as books online you have a vast selection.  I'm also going to put that Amazon has now started working with local libraries to start loaning books out.  If you have a kindle, Ipad, or computer you can now borrow books and have it downloaded.  How neat is that!

I want to talk about a really awesome author instead of a book.  Her name is Lori Wick, she is from Wisconsin and she unfortunately is retired, but her books are still amazing (how's that for a loaded sentences, sorry to all of you English majors I know my grammar is horrific).  The reason why I love her is because she writes really diverse books with a solid message of faith, love, and salvation.  If you love modern, regency, western, or medieval she's the author for you.  Each book is unique; filled with romance, and sometimes suspense.  So if you're at the library or surfing the web check out a book by Lori Wick, you won't be disappointed.

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