Saturday, July 14, 2012

Mariah's Quest

Hello World,
Today was full of fun for me.  The day started out with our local farmer's market, where we got fresh produce :-) and a family play date at the park.  Afterwards we went to a swim party, then church, and then a fun filled night with a good friend.  I can't remember the last time I had a care free night, with a girlfriend.  It was just pleasant we had dinner, shopped a little, and then went to Fireslice pizza for dessert  (they have the best smore's calzones).  Then I remembered that today was my nieces birthday and I nearly forgot it! So a late call around 9:00 was made to my sister's residence with a plea of forgiveness and a slightly belated happy birthday because the dear girl was already in bed.  So to my amazing sister thank you for loving me even when I almost forget your daughter's birthday.  Have you ever forgot something important?

Mariah's Quest is the second book in the Harwood House series.  This story (as you would guess) is about Mariah.  Mariah is the romantic dreamer of the group and her fairy tale prince literally comes to rescue her.  Colin Barclay see's the beautiful Mariah on an auction block and can not leave with out winning her.  Thus proceeds a story of cat and mouse.

This was a very easy book to read.  It was a book I would like to call a vacation book.  What I mean by that is when you're on vacation you don't really want a book to make you think or to give you any angst because by golly you're on vacation and you need to relax.  That's what I liked about it you know that they'll end up together, you know that there will be hiccups, and a great reckoning by both of them, and the book ties itself up very nicely.  I can't complain about a book like it because it fits so very nicely with it being a vacation book :-)  So dear readers if you are going on a vacation or need a relaxing easy to read book Mariah's Quest is for you.
*This book was given to me via netgalley for my honest opinion and I honestly gave it.

Oh, and I would like to add sorry that this book wasn't nonfiction, I promise that I will continue with nonfiction Saturdays it's just that I didn't have any for this week, and I had an over abundance of fictional so I substituted.  So please forgive that slight change.

1 Peter 4:1
Therefore, since Christ suffered in his body, arm yourselves also with the same attitude, because he who has suffered in his body is done with sin.

We don't like to talk about suffering, even thinking about it seems painful.  Here though, Peter is telling us to arm ourselves with the same attitude.  Do you remember what Christ said the night he was arrested?  Christ said "not as I will, but as you will." Matthew 26:39b.  May I arm myself with the same attitude, because if you or I suffer in body we are done with sin.

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