Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Heart's Safe Passage

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Well today I talked to the Fine Arts Director at a local school district for a potential job.  To say that it went bad is an understatement (I'm laughing to myself right now).  Since I'm a stay at home mom I had to bring my sweet lively bebs with me.  Needless to say that poor man was told to lay down so my daughter could wash him, yelled at by my son, and thank goodness Liv just sat there looking sweet.  I don't really now what I would have done if she had thrown in a temper tantrum :-)  Do you have any funny or bad interview stories?  I would love to hear them (to make myself feel better lol).

Heart's Safe Passage is a multifaceted story.  We have Phoebe Lee who desires to practice midwifery, but still battles her past choices, and her pregnant sister in-law who had Phoebe kidnapped so she could have a midwife while in transit to rescue her husband.  And one of my favorite characters; Captain Rafe Docherty who has his own ulterior motive in bringing two women aboard his ship.  What happens on the high seas is an inquisitive look into mankind's desire for justice that might just cross the line of revenge.  Here, forgiveness and  learning to accept one's past choices are blended together for a great read.

I really enjoyed Ms. Eakes writing style.  Not only does she seamlessly blend the message of forgiveness, but she also brings characters alive with fun dialogue and creative descriptions.  I really need to mention how well she writes about Christ and faith in her book.  She does it so easily that I found myself fully involved in the book and not a bit sidetracked by christianese (I like to also call that church talk).  Here her characters are living examples of Christ Jesus, and they truly sought to glorify the Lord in everything they did.  It was a great reminder to me that in every situation people are watching what we are doing and how we are behaving.  I would highly recommend this book for the historical romance buff, who also like to grow a little closer to Christ in there fun reading time :-)

Psalms 47:1 
Clap your hands, all peoples! Shout to God with loud songs of joy!

 One of the best examples of pure unadulterated praise to God was when my husband and I went to a small church in Poland.  Here, when they clapped it wasn't everyone clapping to the same beat, but everyone clapping with different beats and staccato.  There you would hear shouts of praise and flags waving before God with dancer interspersed down the aisle and front.  I loved it, I loved the pure freedom and praising God.   I imagine that maybe that's what heaven might be like.  So maybe if you're in the shower or somewhere alone give a shout  to God, go ahead and clap your hands, and sing a loud song of joy.

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