Friday, December 16, 2016

Lost Girl


Hello World,
So, I'm pretty sure I nailed this book cover :)  The hair, the floating, and I think Canon our dog just adds to the picture lol.  I just came home from my husband's work party and while we were driving back home we talked about how our move to Texas has blessed our sweet family.   Sometimes the most unexpected changes are the best ones.  Have you had anything unexpected happen to you that was good?

Lost Girl by Chanda Hahn is the story of a small girl with amazing abilities.  All she has to do is remember her abilities...  Wendy can't remember part of her life, but there's an organization who remembers her and wants her back.  Peter has been given a great responsibility in taking care of a group of boys, but he can't let go of the one girl that he truly lost.

So this book is for all you Peter Pan fans, and for all you ladies out there that wished Peter Pan grew up :)  This is really an incredible twist to a timeless tale and I loved reading every single second of it.  I loved seeing characters that I've read and of course seen on movies come to life in a new way.  Each one was familiar, and Ms. Hahn did a great job at keeping those characters true but in today's modern time.  If you love a good read with a little fantasy, romance, and suspense you definitely need to read Chanda Hahn's Lost Girl.

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