Thursday, July 14, 2016

Ok world, so I know it's been forever, like FOR. EV. ER!!!  But my life has taken an incredibly busy turn to where I needed to take a step back from the book blogging.  Now that everything has been balanced (going back to work full time can get crazy).  I feel that God is calling me to once again start telling you all about the awesome books that I'm reading.  It will be a short version being posted on #instagram and #facebook, but none the less I feel you'll appreciate it.  Much love to you all and I hope you enjoy  the first of many Jesus Book Girl posts.

This amazing book by#deeannegist has me cracking up every other page. There's something to be said about well written historical fiction that remains true to the period but still fun and entertaining. Fair Play is about the Chicago World's Fair and the two characters bring this amazing time in Chicago's history to life. #jesusbookgirl

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