Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Full Disclosure

Hello World,
Today is the 2nd day of summer.  I absolutely love the feel of sun, splashing water, Popsicle kisses, and warm hugs.  We kind of slow down in the summer, not only is soccer season done for my husband, but school, and extra curricular activities are done too :-)  Because it is summer, I thought it would be fun to share a little bit of what my family does and how we all relax.  One activity we do each morning is a reading time, the kids pick their books and then go off to read quietly.   Here is a picture of my sweet Liv Shelby during her reading time.
Full Disclosure by Dee Henderson is the story of Ann Silver and Paul Falcon.  Both Ann and Paul are in law enforcement, each serving this country faithfully.  Their lives will intersect when a car crash unexpectedly turns up a middle man that brokered numerous illegal activities.  As more clues are uncovered Ann and Paul come together to solve a mystery that has been open for decades.  Will they catch the Lady Shooter, or will she slip through their hands as always?

Dee Henderson has a unique way of telling a story.  I can't really describe it, but all I can say is every time I read her works I'm always taken by surprise.  For instance in this book you will be introduce to past characters in her book, but with a different angle.  I loved how she did it, and how easily it was to see where she was coming from.  I also enjoyed the mystery part of the book, it was like a great big ol' jigsaw puzzle that you put together to finally see the finished master piece.  The romance was constant, and grew.   It was a slow relationship that at first made me frustrated, but as the story went on I understood why.  So dear readers if you are a mystery lover I highly suggest you read Full Disclosure by Dee Henderson.

Lamentations 3:37
Can anything happen without the Lord's permission?

I really like this question.  It makes me think that my life isn't just a wayward ship in the sea, but guided by the Almighty Father's hand.  When I ask the Lord for guidance or when I step unto a new adventure I can be sure that the Lord is with me, opening one door or closing one.  I will be assured that He is guiding me because in life, nothing can happen without the Lord's permission, even when the times are tough it is by the Lord's permission.  This allows me to trust Him completely, to understand that even when the time is hard He has allowed this for a reason.  So I ask YOU dear readers, can anything happen without the Lord's permission?  I think not :-)

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