Wednesday, March 21, 2012

To Win Her Heart

Hello World :-)
I'm not very tencho savvy and fortunately I was looking at my blog and this page came up blank.  Why I don't know, since I wrote a very nice explanation of why I've been gone, an awesome review and what my plans are for this specific blog spot.  So once again I start typing my explanation grrr.....

These last couple of weeks I have been seriously considering what I wanted to do with this blog.  I wanted to write reviews at least twice a week but I was struggling with being a wife and mother doing that.  Then to top it off I was wondering how I would be able to receive new books without paying them.  As always I'm a little slow on the uptake but it finally occurred to me that I might just want to pray about it.  Sure enough God placed in me this idea.  I will contact publishing companies and ask if they'll send me books to review.  Sure enough Bethany House has very nicely started doing that.  I will continue to look for new books in the library and Amazon, but hopefully you'll start seeing some fresh new books from Bethany House as well.  My plan is to have my reviews up on Wednesdays.  One review of a book and then a little encouragement from the Bible.  I felt very convicted that since I read the Bible everyday my readers should get a little of it as well.  So dear readers there you have it, why I've been gone and what my plans are for this blog.

To Win Her Heart

Might I add the new and improved website with the awesome looking book cover.  A good many times I definitely judge a book by the cover.  If I'm not liking the cover a lot and I mean a lot of the time I don't even bother reading the back.  Thank goodness this was a great cover.  Look at it, doesn't it just scream with curiosity?  A gently well bred lady back to back with a rugged looking man (blacksmith I read the back of the cover hehe).  Who wouldn't want to start reading this book!

We start our book with Levi Grant.  Levi just moved in to the town of Spencer and is looking to start his new life there.  With a secret past and halting speech Eden Spencer is quick to judge him as not being bright.  This unlikely couple go on a fun adventure of courtship where they get to know each other at.... yep.... the library :-)

I thoroughly enjoyed To Win Her Heart not only is the message of forgiveness, sacrifice, and love so wonderfully mixed in, it's also a beautiful fun love story.  Where two unlikely people find that they have a lot in common.  I hope you read Karen Witemeyer's book you will not regret it!

Proverbs 31:28
Her children rise up and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praises her: ESV Standard

Every day my husband wakes up and has a quiet time, every day I tell myself today is going to be the day that I wake up with him.  Unfortunately I think I'm sleep deprived from having three kids under three, but fortunately God has placed in my heart to have a quiet time with him no matter how late I get up.  Recently I've been reading the Proverbs 31 woman ( I like to call it that).  This woman bless her heart has it all, wakes up early, makes great business deals, serves diverse food to her family, mends and prepares all clothes, looks awesome (she probably even showers everyday), and still has time to make her household run smoothly.  Who wouldn't want to be that woman!  Though I am far from that, I want to constantly be sanctified, to draw myself closer to God in my jobs as wife, mother, and teacher.  One day I hope to hear my children bless me and my husband praise me, but what I want to hear most is God saying "Well done good and faithful servant".