Monday, January 2, 2012

To re-read or not to re-read?

Hello World,  lately I've been re-reading books, because almost all good books need to be re-read.  I love that I already know the end so there isn't a question of who is going to win the girl, or what the mystery is all about.  It's like seeing a friend you haven't seen in ages, but you know there won't be any awkward moments from being gone so long.  That's what re-reading a book is for me (bliss).

Do you enjoy re-reading a book?  What are your thoughts?  I would love to hear back from you :-)

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  1. I fill my life with firsts. I very, very rarely re-read a book because there are so many books I have not read and so little time to read them all. I want to read them all and life gets away from me (as you very well know wifey). So, when a choice is before me I go to the unknown because there is excitement in the unknown story; the guessing of how it is going to unfold. On the occasion that I do re-read a book it is a spectacular book worth re-reading and I enjoy every minute of it; as I dive in I even form new observations and some times new opinions; since with changed life comes changed perspective.