Thursday, January 19, 2012


This book I found on Amazon top 100 free books for the kindle.  If you're a kindle owner or Ipad owner you should always look there on a weekly basis because there truly are some great reads. Ok now on to the book. We find our character Edwina in a bit of a predicament.  Her sister was supposed to go on a tour of Scotland with her, but unfortunately had been called away because of a family tragedy.   By herself in a foreign land her lack of confidence puts her in a tough position.  Thus allowing the perfect story for the shining knight to come rescue her.

I cannot say that this book was boring or in anyway not entertaining.  I will say though that the Edwina was hard to like.  Her lack of confidence and low self-esteem was hard for me to swallow, and though she did grow through the story it wasn't leaps and bounds like I would have liked her to.  Because of that and the slight transitional problems I can't say that this was the best book I've read in ages.  A decent read, with room for improvement.

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