Friday, January 6, 2012

A Necessary Deception

Set in the Regency Era, A Necessary Deception takes you into the high society of England.  Where mystery and espionage is active.  We find widower Lydia Gale in a tight position after helping a French prisoner gain his freedom.  She has unwittingly put herself in the hands of spies.

With the reviews on the back of the book I thought this would be like it said a "page-turning story" but unfortunately I found it to be page-turning for the wrong reasons.  I just wanted to get done with the book so I didn't need to read it anymore.  I'm sure others found it interesting because the detail of Regency England is accurate and beautiful, but other then that I had a hard time with it.  Laurie Alice Eakes I'm sure is a great author and researcher, this however, was not one of her greatest books.

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