Monday, October 31, 2011

A Suitor for Jenny

Hello Dear Readers.  I hope that everyone had a great Sunday.  We as a family always try and do a movie night with the kids on Sunday.  I make it a point to not cook at all that day, so we make popcorn for dinner and spread out a big blanket to watch a movie.  Very fun, and I hope my kids can remember fun traditions like that.  Yesterday I also had a chance to finish a fun book by Margaret Brownley.  Her book was called A Suitor for Jenny.  At first I must admit I judged the book by it's cover and I almost didn't pick it up.  I am very relieved that I didn't do this, the book handles such questions as; does God care about my life, can he really forgive everything, and how do you have a relationship with Him?  Among those questions was a thoroughly enjoyable story that brought the characters to life for me.

The book opens up to a grumpy old man watching as a stagecoach enters into a small Texas town of 1881.  What he foresees is trouble when three very beautiful young ladies step off of the coach.  Jenny (our main character and the oldest of the three sisters) only wants the best for her sisters and the best for her sisters is finding husbands for them that are financially stable.  In this irresistible story you are able to climb in the book and live with these characters.  You'll soon grow to love them and truly see where they're coming from.  I hope you pick up this book and read more about Jenny and her love for her sisters.

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