Thursday, October 27, 2011

Snow Day and the First Book

  Last night while I was feeding Liv (my four month old)  I had this great idea to write about Christian books I've been reading.  I'm kind of a voracious reader and I always wanted to let the world know which books I liked, disliked, or I thought were so so.  So here is my first book and by far one of my favorite authors wrote it.  The Colonel's Lady was written by Laura Frantz.  This book is set in beautiful Kentucky of 1779.  Roxanna Rowan has decided to travel to where her Father is stationed after the recent death of her mother.  The book starts off with her a couple of days away from entering the fort.  With a Colonel struggling with his own battles Roxanna walks in to a very complex situation.  I don't want to give anything else away, but allow me to say that this book was full of surprises.

 I absolutely loved how seamlessly the book was written.  Laura Frantz did a great job.  The story line was believable, and the characters were made alive in my mind.  I also like that faith and growth in Jesus Christ was effortlessly included.  Sometimes when I read books the message of Christ is almost thrown in there as an after thought and this book is not one of them.  The daily struggles of life and how Roxanna clung to God was encouraging to me, and I learned a lesson about forgiveness as well.  So my dear readers please pick up the book Colonel's Lady you will not be disappointed, and if you have the time read Laura Frantz's other books too.


  1. So, I take it the Colonel isn't her father?:-)