Thursday, November 24, 2016

Wild Montana Skies

Happy Thanksgiving World!
So I love cooking and Thanksgiving is one of those days where I can bake and cook to my little hearts content.  I grew up with a mom who always made the holidays special.  Her five course meals were amazing, unique, and always so so good :)  Maybe because all our family is in Wisconsin (we live 17 hours away), I have tried my hardest to make sure every holiday for our family is the same.  The kids seem to love the lefsa (a Scandinavian treat) for breakfast, and the big five course meal for Thanksgiving dinner, and then, shhh don't tell them, but we'll be loading them up to go see Moana this evening in their pj's.  Hopefully they'll remember these memories and want to do the same for their family.  Do you have a favorite family tradition?  I would love to hear what yours is :)

Wild Montana Skies by Susan May Warren is a riveting book that immediately puts the reader into action.  The book opens up to a woman (Kacey Fairing)  driving back into her hometown for some much needed rest.  Kacey is a woman recovering from PTSD and bearing a history that is shattered.  Hoping to finally put the pieces back together she runs into the one person that can bring all the pain from the past to present.  Ben King didn't want to see Kacey, but he can't help remember what they had.

Whelp, this book had me at the first sentence.  Seriously I gobbled this baby up like it was twice baked potatoes.  For a first book in the series it lays out a lot for the reader but I didn't mind that because I knew this was laying the ground work for more books.  This book has superb writing, with the amazing truth and grace of Jesus Christ, you will want to read this book!  Once again Susan May Warren hit a home run, and I'm very excited to read her next book in the series!

*Yo peeps Revell gave me this book so I could write my honest opinion.

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