Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Happy Wednesday Everyone,
Well we are in the midst of spring break.  On the first day off Kylar asked me if  "Spring Break is over and if she can go back to school".  I don't think I'll hear that after a couple of years at school.  I told her that Spring Break is supposed to be fun and we do fun stuff.  So of course we had to go to the Discovery Center, and then to the indoor water park at a local university here.  So far I think we've had fun, but to my little girl she still asks every morning "Mommy, can I go to school today".  It has me chuckling every time she asks.  Do you have unexpected questions from your kids?

Longing by Karen Kingsbury is the third book in the Bailey Flanigan Series.  Bailey is an aspiring, talented actress making her way in the broadway/acting world.  She faces struggles living and acting in such a secular job, but her faith is strong.  During this time she faces a hard choice to go back to her first love who has basically ignored her for a year or to start anew with heartthrob Brandon Paul?  What is a girl to do?

Ok, believe it or not this is my first Karen Kingsbury book!  I have been told for years to read her as an author, but it never seemed smart to me to just jump in to a middle of a series.  So when I saw this book available for bloggers through Zondervan I figured better just jump in and see if you like her.  So I did, and I sure am glad I did.  First off I am so, for team Brandon,( I don't have the background knowledge of team Cody) for me I read about a man who was truly pursuing the woman he wants to be with.  Cody in this book seemed incredibly wishy washy, which for me means he shouldn't commit to any relationship.  

*Spoilers following!!!!

Now I can understand readers who have read about Cody and Bailey from the beginning, but like in life you don't always get your fairy tale with the first person you fell in love with.  I can really relate to Bailey on this topic and I am ever so grateful that my first love and I didn't work out, because I got a way better man in my husband.  So for me this book rocked, but I can understand why so many other readers were disappointed. So dear readers if you haven't invested  in team Cody or you felt the way I feel, I highly suggest Longing by Karen Kingsbury.

Genesis 1:1
In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.

So I started a program today through a Bible app to increase my ability to memorize scripture.  This is my first Bible verse to memorize and I think I didn't pretty tootin' good :)  As I dwell on this verse it amazes me how God created so much.  I struggle to make my garden grow it's not without toil and back breaking work, and here our awesome Father created the heavens and the earth in six days.  What a cool thing!

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